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(Recommended)Posting & Rules
SynDate: Friday, 24.06.2011, 00:20 | Message # 1
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This part of a section is for the RR (Recommended Replays) you will find the most interesting and unique games in here that comes from top players or just a unique play.

Most people have their own specific activity for a little relaxation just before bedtime. Always popular endeavours to achieve this necessary pre-bed tranquillity are showers, books and tv-shows (and sex). And of course, playing RK!^^. As for me, I mostly relax through replays. To be more precise, I absolutely love one or two replays before bedtime. I've done so with the kind help of various top-games (RK, UT, CS, WC, Q4 and many others). I'm not exactly sure why I enjoy replays this much, but in a way I've always preferred observing over mass-playing in this way i can learn how to play better and learn from other mistakes so i wont do it on my play.

Let's start sharing some of the better games I end up watching due to two simple reasons. First, I would love some mild discussion on the games. Nothing too serious, all in good fun. Second, the replay thread clearly shows that there is quite the need for (good) replays<--as there wasn't 1 before :). It seems that I am not alone?

What is the definition of a 'better game' for me? Mostly entertainment value. Short and funky games, or long drawn-out macro wars with comebacks. But there's more than that and hopefully I'll be able to illustrate this over time with good replays aided by a little text.

How to post:
Well first of all go to the select member zone for a regular user that would be called "Member replays" in there click on the create new Thread button it should be located at top right of your browser screen
in thread name describe your name and your foe name and your races for example-> Thread name: Delphi(DK) Vs STingMethod(FO) <-------those stands for name shortcuts as FO stands for forester DK for darkling and HU for humans.
Thread description: <--- give a few words about ur game
In the Text box>
First give a description about ur game if u can not just a gg message.
here's a example:
In this rep i was trying to do a new rush tactic against a very decent and mannered player its always a pleasure to have games with you max)
I was trying to undo Max's existence and look what happen to me i hope this replay will help you to learn from my mistake and how not to early rush a good Human player GG mate.
Rep posting should be in this format>
game details:

player name(+smurf if avaiable) versus player name(+smurf)
game duration: long 30~mins average 15~mins short 10 and below. (Long/short/average)
map: Map name
patch: 1.40
game level: you're rating for your game (Easy/Normal/Moderate/Hard/Tough/Godlike)
races: player-race | player-race

after u have finished with your post add your replay file with the Attach file function;
*For those who doesn't know how to watch replays its simple just go to your game's main folder and go to profile>your current in use profile or if u have just 1 even easier smile in there simply add the replay file and watch it from the load screen in game.

please avoid of SPAMMING and try to be mannered as much as you can.
gl & hf from rk staff.

we hope you will enjoy this new part of the forum just remember keep it clean no spamming no swearing or anything alike or else! we will get you! ]:>
best regards syn & dems.

all must support RK> ^_^
Форум » Replays 1.40 » Recommended Replays » (Recommended)Posting & Rules (Recommended Replays(RR))
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