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Download High Quality Phone Icons
Download High Quality Phone Icons
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What do the Icons of an Iphone Mean
A smartphone that truly lives up to its name, the iPhone is one of the most widely used device these days. It combines an iPod, a mobile computer, a digital camera and a cellular phone. This gadget has networking capability and can be used for Internet browsing. Unlike other units, the iPhone does not require a stylus, the user instead uses multiple taps and drags to navigate through the phone’s system.
If you are using the iPhone for the first time, it might help to know the meaning of the status icons found in the bar at the top of the screen which gives basic information about your phone:
•Cell Signal-indicated by a series of ascending vertical bars. It indicates whether you are in the vicinity of cell networks and will be able to make or receive calls. The number of bars indicates the strength of the signal. In an area where there is no signal, the “No Service” message will appear in place of the icon.
•Airplane Mode- a built in safety feature of the device. If the icon of the airplane appears or is on, it means that you cannot use your phone for any purpose.
•Wifi- depicted by a set of rainbow curves. This indicates that your device is connected to the Internet using a Wifi network. The number of bars that appear signifies the strength of the connection
•GPRS – indicated by a blue square box. This icon indicates that your carrier’s GPRS is available and you can connect to the Internet using its network.
•Bluetooth (Headset Indicator)- depicted by a small rectangular box with a line running down the middle This icon signifies the strength of the Bluetooth Headset’s battery level when connected.
•Lock – represented by a lock. This icon signifies that your unit is locked.
•Play – depicted by the triangular symbol commonly used on audio or recorder devices which indicates that something is playing. In the iPhone, it means that a song is playing.
•Alarm- depicted by a picture of a black circular clock with the hands on the nine o clock position. This indicates that you have set an alarm.
•Bluetooth-represented by a modified letter B symbol. A blue or white icon signifies that Bluetooth is on and a device, like a headset is connected. A gray icon means that Bluetooth is on but no device is connected while no icon means that the Bluetooth is turned off.
•Battery –shown using the picture of a battery. This icon indicates the battery level when in active use and the charging status when plugged.
These are just the status icons on your phone. The best way to master the features and uses of each icon of course comes with constant practice. So start using your iPhone as much as you can.
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